Joining forces with Altair

We’re happy to share that we’re joining forces with Altair, a global technology company that provides software and cloud solutions in the areas of product development, high performance computing (HPC), and data analytics, to empower companies running computationally intensive workloads with greater flexibility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

5 Things to Look for When Choosing an HPCaaS Partner

Choosing the right HPC as-a-Service vendor is an important step towards curbing costs and solving complex problems in order to drive growth. The process can be lengthy and difficult, so to make things easier for you, we’ve put together this quick checklist to help you implement the right evaluation standards.

5 facts about Iceland you might not know.

Hot springs, lava fields, geysers and rustic nature – most people are familiar with the gems of Iceland. But did you know that this Nordic nation is also an easily accessed tech hub with temperate climate and an abundance of renewable energy?

3 questions you need to ask yourself about your HPC Strategy in challenging times

Compute-intensive organizations are currently facing many challenges. The three considerations you will read in this blog post drive toward a single conclusion: The old ways of running your IT and HPC may not remain the smartest and most cost-effective going forward. It may be time for a from-the-ground-up reevaluation of your organization’s compute as well.

Case Studies
HPCaaS vs On-Premise vs Public Cloud - a comparative outlook

Large cloud providers have increased their focus on HPC and added more specialized HPC services to their offerings. But is this really a cost effective long-term strategy for running AI workloads or simulations that can benefit from capacity at scale?

Case Studies
Discover why our Colocation Solutions are up to 80% more cost efficient and how this can benefit your business

In the world of compute, everything is about getting as much capacity as possible for your calculations. Due to the capacity required to deliver true High-Performance Computing (HPC), both securing power and finding it at highly competitive pricing becomes particularly relevant.

How your HPC colocation decisions boost your HPC capacity

Dublin, Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Paris (DFLAP) are Europe’s centerpiece data center locations today. Yet when you consider facts, there is really no good reason for DFLAP data centers to be running power demanding, heavy compute workloads. Some Nordic colocation solutions represent up to 50% more cost-efficient operations than running one’s cluster in mainland Europe.

Locating sustainability for high-throughput computing

Modern data centers, tend to run hot and consume a lot of power. Operating a data center can be both very expensive and unsustainable. However, a few locations on the planet seem almost tailor-made for low carbon-footprint HPC, AI and other high-throughput data center operations.

What is Hybrid Colocation?

Hybrid cloud is today a crucial element of corporate best practices — so much so that those who have scale and are not using a hybrid cloud strategy are falling behind. This, however, is only the first step in an organization’s hybrid transformation.

CFD Industry Leader, NUMECA adopts Advania Data Centers HPC-as-a-Service

Advania Data Centers (ADC) and NUMECA International, a market leader in computational fluid dynamics CFD, multiphysics and optimization, have announced a strategic HPC service partnership.

Advania Data Centers expands its sustainable high-performance data centers to Sweden

The excess heat from new data center will be used for local house-heating in Stockholm. Located in the largest Information and Communications Technology (ICT) cluster in Europe, Advania’s new data center is a first-rate option for high tech companies in the region. A new data center investment of $70 million to meet increased demand for […]

Advania Data Centers announces industry’s first HPC cloud service offering powered by Intel® Xeon® Platinum 9200 series processors, delivering workload-optimized performance and compatibility with popular HPC applications.

Reykjavik, Iceland – Advania Data Centers (ADC) today announced the industry’s first HPC cloud service based on Intel Xeon Platinum 9200 processors. This combination provides unprecedented performance and application compatibility, enabling customers to gain faster time to insights with HPC workloads in finance, weather, satellite, manufacturing, and artificial intelligence (AI) applications. ADC’s HPC cloud service […]

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