Advania HPCFLOW Cloud adds tremendous flexibility to your HPC operations by giving you access to on-demand HPC resources whenever needed.

We know that seasonal workloads or temporary requirements for additional resources can slow down execution of HPC jobs, and that companies subsequently need to either invest in additional infrastructure or add waiting time to job queues. When leveraging Advania's HPCFLOW cloud-based clusters, you have the flexibility to address any workload needed and only pay for the added resources used.

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Economical HPC Execution

By committing resources to HPCFLOW, Advania Data Centers offers extremely competitive prices for CPU resources, at a price that is unprecedented in the HPC on demand or cloud (IaaS) industry.
Additionally Advania Data Centers is able to reserve resources to accommodate both temporary and permanent requirements for added resources.







Hybrid HPC, Best of both worlds



You can leverage HPCFLOW on-demand to compliment your dedicated HPC environment and burst into the HPCFLOW Bare Metal HPC Cloud for ultimate agility in your HPC operations.
Fast scale out and wind down allows for ultimate agility to handle any workload and to maintain a “base workload” footprint of infrastructure.
Delivery time can be reduced and additionally HPCFLOW can be used to reduce lists of jobs when waiting time for resources has become a pain point in the operation

"As a Distinguished Technologist at HPE, I had the opportunity to work with Advania on developing High Performance Computing as a Service for European customers. Advania is definitely a company I enjoy working with and that I recommend to my customers.

Gallig Renaud, CTO HPCaaS at HPE

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