360° HPC

Advania Data Centers supports all aspects of HPC operations and services to ensure our customers' success. We take care of everything from hardware, hosting, cloud services and applications to solution architecture, performance tuning and support. We also offer a hybrid approach to HPC, allowing our customers to pair our services with their own existing HPC infrastructure. The result is a 360° approach to all things HPC.

  • Colocation - hosted HPC clusters
  • HPCFLOW - cloud-based HPC
  • Hybrid HPC - combination of cloud/colocation/on-premise HPC resources

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Putting Sustainability at the Forefront

Advania Data Centers is located in Iceland, which has been rated one of the safest, most economical and greenest locations to host your HPC cluster worldwide. Powered by 100% renewable energy, the grid here is also incredibly reliable, with an average uptime of 99.99%. Another benefit of our location is that the cool climate provides free air cooling for our data centers and allows us to feature an industry-leading low PUE of 1,03. The result is that we can offer our HPC customers extremely competitive prices -- all with a minimal carbon footprint.

Partnering with Industry Leaders

Advania Data Centers has close technical alliances and strategic partnerships with a range of leading HPC hardware and software providers, including HPE, Intel, NVIDIA and UberCloud. This enables us to offer a range of services to our customers, including access to ISVs like ANSYS and Numeca.

Delivering a Competitive Advantage

We help you save time, money and ultimately increase execution efficiency by enabling you to:

  • Reduce cost
  • Pay per use and align service level agreements with core business
  • Deploy faster
  • Refresh hardware as needed

"As a Distinguished Technologist at HPE, I had the opportunity to work with Advania on developing High Performance Computing as a Service for European customers. Advania is definitely a company I enjoy working with and that I recommend to my customers.


Gallig Renaud, former CTO HPCaaS at HPE

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