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HPCFLOW is Advania Data Centers’ scalable AI & HPC cluster infrastructure solution. It is dedicated to customers looking to execute their Artificial Intelligence & High Performance Computing cluster operations faster and more efficiently.

HPCFLOW is an HPC on-demand platform, that differs from the mainstream HPC cloud solutions. It allows unprecedented up and downscale flexibility, ensuring the maximum compute efficiency and effectiveness. Our clients can also leverage our AI & HPC engineering support for those that need worry free AI & HPC as a Service (HPCaaS).

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HPCFLOW, Compute power when you need it.

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as a Service

We are trusted by leading enterprises to ensure un interrupted AI & HPC application and platform operations. Available at any scale, our fully managed AI & HPC as a Service clusters range from a few nodes to large scale clusters.

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We provide cost efficient and performance optimized AI & HPC Infrastructure as a Service for enterprise customers that manage their own AI & HPC clusters. With expert AI & HPC engineering support available, HPCFLOW IaaS is the perfect location for your most demanding workload.

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AI & HPC Colocation

Our AI & HPC colocation facilities combine the optimal conditions for cost and operational efficiency of AI & HPC clusters. Ultra-power efficient colocation facilities, competitive, predictable power prices, carbon neutral energy sources and power density of up to 40kW per air cooled rack.

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HPCFLOW Trial Platform

Put your workload to the test.

Curious if your workload could be optimized on HPCFLOW? Put your workload to the test on our managed trial platform, allowing you to benchmark your workload on different types of AI & HPC clusters.

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