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We are a globally leading high density computing technology company. We own datacenter facilities. We develop HPC solutions that enable HPC teams to execute faster. We architect, procure, provide, setup, tune, monitor, support and help you with your workloads on your HPC cluster. We enable blockchain companies to execute fast. We develop and provide solutions for Blockchain companies. We sell hardware from globally leading OEM providers. We are a group of professionals that take your business seriously, its security, reliability and efficiency.

HPC Specialists

Ægir Rafn MagnússonDirector of Business Development

Ægir Rafn (Ægir pronounced like you say “eye ear”) is a long time veteran in Advania Data Centers as prior to working for Advania Data Centers. He served on the Hardware and IT Service division of Advania and prior to that worked as a consultant at EJS, one of the companies that merged and formed Advania back in 2012. Since then Ægir has focused his efforts on the international market and attracted global enterprise customers with his vast knowledge and experiance with complex technology projects where he is knowledgeable about everything from datacenter tech to hardware and application management.

Staffan Hansson | HPC Sales Specialist

Staffan joined the Advania Data Centers team early 2017 from the HPC company GoVirtual where he had well over a decade been an HPC Sales Specialist and Systems Specialist. Staffan is greatly knowledgable about HPC architecture, design and deployment of HPC systems and has both lead and participated in multiple large scale HPC projects where he has been instrumental in a coordinating and consulting role to some of the most advanced HPC operators world wide and holds multiple HPC technology certifications from industry leading HPC technology providers such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Nvidia and Microsoft.

Dr. Peter Bolte | HPC Technical Director DACH

Peter steps into the Advania Data Centers HPC and brings massive HPC experience and knowledge to the team. For over 25 years Peter has been architecting, programming and tuning high performance computing systems and worked with the worlds largest HPC operators on multiple occasions and projects.

Peter worked for well over a decade at HP (Now HPE) where he worked in expert HPC teams as an architect, technical consultant and pre sales consultant, assisting HPC operators to execute their HPC workloads with the best efficiency available. Peter holds a PhD in Theoretical Organic Chemistry from Westfälische Wilhelmsuniversität in Münster where he focused on Quantum Chemistry before stepping into the HPC realm. 

Hans Rickardt |  HPC Technical Director Nordics

Hans comes from a deeply technical background where he has served as a solution architect and a technical consultant on a great number of projects over the past decades. He joins Advania Data Centers from the HPC company GoVirtual where he was a HPC Solution Architect, before that he worked as a Solution Architect through a series of major acquisitions from Digital that was acquired by Compaq that was then acquired by HP that later became Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Through his prosperus career Hans has built a broad network within the HPC industry as well as built experience of executing and running HPC jobs at scale. 

Jón Þór Kristinsson | Senior HPC Engineer / Solution Architecht

Jón Þór (pronounced John Thor) joined Advania Data Centers from Greenqloud (aquired by Netapp), a cloud technology company, where he served as a Senior Deployment Engineer, deploying private clouds on customer sites as well as enabling hybrid architechtures. Jón Þór is an experienced devops engineer that works  both on the hardware operations as well as the development and application tuning side. Jón Þór works with Advania Data Centers customers on HPC projects of all sizes to ensure their success wether they are hosting their own HPC clusters, leveraging Advania Data Centers colocation hosting environments or using Advania Data Centers HPC cloud. 

Ómar Hermannsson | Senior HPC Engineer / Solution Architecht

Ómar previously worked for the advanced VFX (Visual Effects) company RVX Studios as a Linux System Engineer enabling the visual effects for projects that captured global attention such as Hollywood blockbusters such as Gravity, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, 2 Guns, Contraband, and Australia, as well as the virtual reality experience Everest VR. Ómar has from a young age worked as a Systems Admin and Engineer for multiple local companies with extensive knowledge of core systems and networking. Ómar works with Advania Data Centers customers on HPC projects of all sizes to ensure their success wether they are hosting their own HPC clusters, leveraging Advania Data Centers colocation hosting environments or using Advania Data Centers HPC cloud. 

Blockchain Specialists

Daníel Fannar Jónsson | Director of Blockchain Technologies

Daníel spends most of his waking hours monitoring and thinking about blockhain as well as cryptocurrencies and there are few that match his vast knowledge on the latest trends and topics regarding blockchain. Daníel has extensive background in system administration for tech giants such as Dell and Hewlett Packard in France and Ireland. Daniel worked on Advania's hosting solutions sales and consultancy team prior to joining the Advania Data Centers team.

Company Leadership


Eyjólfur Magnús Kristinsson   | CEO

Significant experience in various IT related operational assignments. Broad profile in resource management and complex sales projects

M.Sc. Industrial Engineering from Technical University of Denmark

Benedikt Gröndal   | COO

Various management roles the last 10 years with a technical background as a system engineer and Cisco CCIE. Focusing on building and running high efficiency data centers with zero carbon footprint

B.Sc. Engineering from Copenhagen University College of Engineering

Gísli Kr.  | CCO

Previously Co founder and Chief Commercial Officer of GreenQloud (acquired by NetApp)

Significant experience from leading various IT and Infrastructure related sales, marketing, project management and business development projects.

Board of Directors

Gestur G. Gestsson  | Chairman of the Board | CEO Advania

Previously CMO and later CTO at Vodafone Iceland, CMO at Betware and CEO at Margmidlun. Extensive board experience, especially in IT and telecommunication


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