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Our premium team of HPC experts are here to ensure your HPC operation is efficient and performing to optimal standards. Our team of HPC engineers, architects and support can supercharge your operation from the planning to the deployment, procurement and operation.


A true Bare Metal HPC Cloud that is purpose built to handle the most demanding workloads. HPCFLOW provides unprecedented flexibility in your HPC operations where can both host your HPC without overhead and burst your HPC workload when you need additional resources.


Advania has unique datacenters for all your IT requirements. The Datacenters utilizes the outside air for cooling and density per rack is up to 30kW. Iceland offers abundant green low-cost power resources and Advania can therefore offer affordable colocation options with no carbon emissions


“I’ve been impressed with the level of knowledge and the professionalism of the team working in Advania while supporting our mutual activities. They are always very responsive and prompt to find out any bottleneck which might influence the application performance.”

Gallig Renaud Gallig Renaud, CTO HPCaaS at HPE

“After evaluating the options we decided to go with Advania where the datacenter reliability was certainly one of the big factors, but also the capabilities that we have available if needed from Advania to support our operations.”

Benjamin Bohn Benjamin Bohn, CEO & Managing Director at RVX Studios

“An ideal resource for our European engineering and scientific customers who want to burst into the cloud for their high-performance technical workload which often is too demanding for their in-house computers.”

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